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Outlaw Eyewear Releases their 2014 Models of “ATTITUDE by DESIGN" Motorcycle Sunglasses Outlaw Eyewear announces the 2014 Models of Wind Protection Aluminum Motorcycle Sunglasses. OutLaw Eyewear’s new high performance sunglasses cut from aircraft alloys and composites. Wear your “attitude” thrust, performance, and style. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OutLaw Eyewear Cooler Motorcycle Aluminum Sunglass OutLaw Eyewear Cooler Motorcycle Aluminum Sunglass PRLog (Press Release) - Nov. 8, 2013 - SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Outlaw Eyewear rolls out the 2014 Models of “Attitude by Design” Sunglasses. OutLaw Eyewear’s new roll-out of high performance sunglasses cut from aircraft alloys and composites. Wear your “attitude”, thrust, performance, and style… Introducing the “Cooler” a F’ing Bad-Ass Attitude “Attitude”; you feel it and live it…now wear “it”. OutLaw Eyewear has launched a new model in a line of high performance Extreme Sports Sunglass designs which are available at your local dealer or on line at https://www.outlaweyewear.com (https://www.outlaweyewear.com) The 2014 Cooler Models are F’ing Bad-Ass sunglasses with an optional removable foam insert that gives additional wind and dust protection when needed. These are the latest in a line of OutLaw Eyewear’s high-performance Extreme Sports sunglasses that are machined out of magnesium and aluminum alloys. The Cooler sunglass is built Rock Solid to protect you against anything you encounter, and is designed with safety, extremes, comfort, style, attitude, and endurance features. The entire OutLaw Eyewear product line comes standard with Shatter Resistant 2.0mm 100% UV Blocking Polycarbonate lenses, double spring hinges, and the very popular new Extra Dark Transition day-night lenses are available. The 2 Year frame warranty allows you to rely on OutLaw Eyewear products like they are durable equipment. the “Cooler” Aluminum Sunglass for Motorcycle Riding and Skydiving The OutLaw Eyewear Cooler is a High Performance magnesium and aluminum alloy Extreme Sports Sunglass. The 6063 Aluminum Frame Construction and Shatter Resistant 2.0mm 100% UV Blocking Polycarbonate lenses ensure that these sunglasses are built Rock Solid to protect you against anything you encounter. The Classic Curvy Oblong lens shape is modern, yet extremely protective of Wind, Dust, and the Sun. The temples are rock solid, yet thin, to be comfortable under a motorcycle helmet. The Extreme Wrap protection sets this frame apart from all other eyewear, as well as Dual Surface-Mount Spring Hinges to keep it all together. A wind-sealing foam insert is available. About OutLaw Eyewear Inc. OutLaw Eyewear Inc. is an Industry recognized leader in Extreme Sports Sunglass Design and distribution. OutLaw Eyewear has yielded to their clients need to wear their “Attitude”, whether it be Motorcyclists, Competitive Racers, Skydivers, or Extreme Sports Enthusiasts. OutLaw Eyewear has answered the demand by expanding the business with the new Cooler design. OutLaw Eyewear, Inc. is a San Jose, California based performance sunglass design company with over a decade of achievement in sales and custome service as a Top one-percent online retail sunglass distribution company in this industry. This experience in the business has yielded valuable feedback regarding our customer's needs for quality, workmanship, and designed-in valued added features at a reasonable cost. All interested parties should be directed to various motorcycle magazines and Industry News for our product reviews, advertisements, latest products. For immediate access visit our Web site at https://www.outlaweyewear.com. Contact Information: OutLaw Eyewear, Inc. 14938 Camden Ave., Suite 49 San Jose, CA 95124 Web: https://www.outlaweyewear.com Customer and Dealer Sales: sales@OutLawEyewear.com Photo: http://www.prlog.org/12238739/1


Thank you for shopping with OutLaw Eyewear Inc. We are confident that we offer the finest sunglasses available today. Our Aluminum sunglasses are cranked out of the same aluminum alloys that motorcycle parts are made from.

If you have a question about our products, please email us at sales@outlaweyewear.com, or call us at (949) 427-1-SUN.

All OutLaw Eyewear Tactical Aluminum Sunglasses come with an automatic 2-year warranty against Manufacturer's Defects on the frame, and as of 4/11/2022, it is extendable to 10 years. Lenses are not covered by any warranty, but if you have the new 10 year warranty, standard lenses can be replaced for $39. If you do not have this warranty coverage, replacement lenses are available at a very reasonable cost. Lens problems rarely happen as we use thicker lenses than our competitors, but damage can occur.

The non Ballistic Wayfarer Mg and Maverick come with a 1 year frame warranty. 

For frame warranty service, we will repair or replace the frame at our option in a timely manner.

If you purchase the Prescription 2 year accidental scratch remake warranty, you may ask us to remake the prescription custom lenses, in the original prescription only, one time for up to 2 years if you should accidently scratch them during normal use. Industrial and vehicle accidents are excluded. If you should clean the lenses with a cleaner that contains alcohol, the warranty may become void. Please only use the cleaner we supply with the warranty, and continue to purchase it from us in the Accessories section. It is called Lens Cleaning Gel, and it is safe to use on all brands of sunglasses, prescription glasses, weapon optics, and cell phones. 

Damage due to sunscreen, alcohol, military use, war, acts of god, or disasters are not covered under the standard warranty. A separate warranty is available for military or industrial use.

If your sunglasses are out of warranty, please contact us anyway as we can often help. We do our best to support our loyal customers for life. A repair or trade-up will be available so you can use your sunglasses for as long as you like.

Often time we can send you a replacement part to take care of simple issues.

Please join the OutLaw Eyewear family today!

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OutLaw Eyewear glasses block out all UV rays that can damage your vision. Wrap Around frames will also protect against shrapnel where flat frames cannot.

Mark Tutt

Cannot say enough enough about OutLaw Eyewear! I wear them every class we teach! They are highly rated impact protection to protect your eyes! Shooting steel targets every day spalling comes back don’t use sub par eye protection!

Mike "BEEF" Rodriguez

"OutLaw Eyewear is my go to for all my ballastic eyewear needs!"

Shawn "SLICK" Thornton

Perfect 5 out of 5 Stars

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