Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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Mossy Oak ClearShot 2 Oz. Lens Cleaner Spray & Elements Terra Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

FIT FOR SERVICE - Clean your eyewear effectively with an efficient glasses cleaner spray that keeps you ready to serve. As an industry recognized leader in sunglass design, OutLaw Eyewear have expanded their range for the US Military, DoD and Police Departments. Only the greatest will do.

EFFECTIVE SYSTEM - A handy way to keep your eyeglass lenses ready for whatever life throws at you! This eye glass cleaner spray gives maximum clarity in harsh and high-pressured environments where small margins matter. Our glasses lens cleaner for all types of sunglasses, prescriptions and more.

EASY USE - Removing dust, dirt and grime has never been easier with our eye glasses lens cleaner! The fine mist sticks to the lens without streaks, film or smudges, whilst the lightweight and compact design makes it the perfect 'on-the-go' glasses spray cleaner for work trips, vacations etc.

MADE IN THE USA - Our unique patented formula has been carefully designed here in our great nation! This eyeglass spray cleaner uses an ultra-pure solution to keep you operating at full capacity without stripping off your lens' anti-fog and anti-reflective coatings!

SAFE FOR PROFESSIONALS AND FAMILY - Fit for everyday users and task units alike, these lens cleaners keep your eyeglasses in top condition without the need for alcohol, ammonia, harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. Safely and effectively remove skin oils, make-up and more with our eyeglasses cleaner spray.

The Outlaw Eyewear Tactical lens cleaning gel is a next generation type of lens cleaner. It is safe for all Outlaw Eyewear products, as well as all other brands of sunglasses and prescription glasses.

Stay frosty with OutLaw Eyewear Lens Cleaner for Eyeglasses!

As an industry recognized leader in motorcycle sunglass design, sales, and distribution, OutLaw Eyewear yielded to the needs of our great nation and expanded the product line to include Eye Protection capabilities for the United States Military, DoD, and Police Departments. We take this responsibility extremely seriously and with complete ownership of the task at hand to produce eyewear and equipment that's fit for service! One thing's for sure, our eyeglass cleaners certainly didn't miss the memo!

The benefits on offer for our users...
CRYSTAL CLEAR, you'll need the maximum clarity through your lenses when the stakes are high
COMPACT DESIGN, non-intrusive sizing is easy to carry in all situations
VERSATILE, great for blue-light, reading, polarized, mirrored and designer lenses 
TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS, a go to for opticians
FRAGRANCE FREE, no putrid alcohol smell usually associated with cleaning gels
MADE IN THE USA, only the highest manufacturing standards will do

And so much more!

Suitable for military personnel, first responders and civilians alike, these eye glass cleaners help you complete your mission effectively. With our cleaner for glasses, you can forget about liquid form alternatives that are often messy and wasteful. Our efficient and accurate glasses cleaning spray uses the perfect amount of solution to keep your eyeglasses in impeccable condition without the drippy mess. Our eyeglass lens cleaner spray also does the job to an impressive standard on other optic surfaces such as electronic screens and camera lenses.

Outlaw Eyewear Lens Cleaners for Eyeglasses Spray, the optimal lens cleaning system!

It is made to be safe and not strip off Anti-Fog and Anti-Reflective lens coatings.

Most cleaning sprays are a in liquid form that can be a little messy and you waste a lot of it as much of it misses the lenses. With our new gel cleaner, you get all of it on the lenses with no waste.

It is ideal to use this cleaning agent before you use the Outlaw Eyewear Anti-Fog treatment to give the maximum clarity and anti-fog protection no matter the environment you are in.


Thank you for shopping with OutLaw Eyewear Inc. We are confident that we offer the finest sunglasses available today. Our Aluminum sunglasses are cranked out of the same aluminum alloys that motorcycle parts are made from.

If you have a question about our products, please email us at, or call us at (949) 427-1-SUN.

All OutLaw Eyewear Tactical Aluminum Sunglasses come with an automatic 2-year warranty against Manufacturer's Defects on the frame, and as of 4/11/2022, it is extendable to 10 years. Lenses are not covered by any warranty, but if you have the new 10 year warranty, standard lenses can be replaced for $39. If you do not have this warranty coverage, replacement lenses are available at a very reasonable cost. Lens problems rarely happen as we use thicker lenses than our competitors, but damage can occur.

The non Ballistic Wayfarer Mg and Maverick come with a 1 year frame warranty. 

For frame warranty service, we will repair or replace the frame at our option in a timely manner.

If you purchase the Prescription 2 year accidental scratch remake warranty, you may ask us to remake the prescription custom lenses, in the original prescription only, one time for up to 2 years if you should accidently scratch them during normal use. Industrial and vehicle accidents are excluded. If you should clean the lenses with a cleaner that contains alcohol, the warranty may become void. Please only use the cleaner we supply with the warranty, and continue to purchase it from us in the Accessories section. It is called Lens Cleaning Gel, and it is safe to use on all brands of sunglasses, prescription glasses, weapon optics, and cell phones. 

Damage due to sunscreen, alcohol, military use, war, acts of god, or disasters are not covered under the standard warranty. A separate warranty is available for military or industrial use.

If your sunglasses are out of warranty, please contact us anyway as we can often help. We do our best to support our loyal customers for life. A repair or trade-up will be available so you can use your sunglasses for as long as you like.

Often time we can send you a replacement part to take care of simple issues.

Please join the OutLaw Eyewear family today!

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OutLaw Eyewear glasses block out all UV rays that can damage your vision. Wrap Around frames will also protect against shrapnel where flat frames cannot.

Mark Tutt

Cannot say enough enough about OutLaw Eyewear! I wear them every class we teach! They are highly rated impact protection to protect your eyes! Shooting steel targets every day spalling comes back don’t use sub par eye protection!

Mike "BEEF" Rodriguez

"OutLaw Eyewear is my go to for all my ballastic eyewear needs!"

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