OutLaw Eyewear Prescription Rx

How To Order Your Custom OutLaw Eyewear Prescription Sunglasses

1. Vision Type
Choose between three different lens vision types for your prescriptions.
Single Vision
Progressive Lens
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2. Lens Tint
Lens tint is a color coating applied to lenses that can help reduce glare, improve contrast, or simply enhance the aesthetic appearance of the glasses. Tinted lenses can be a good choice for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. OutLaw Eyewear offers five different lens tints for your prescriptions.
Extra Dark Transitions
Polarized Gray
Standard Gray
Low Light Yellow


3. Lens Coating
Basic Anti-Scratch
Anti-Scratch & Anti-Reflective
Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch Anti-Reflective & Water Droplet Repelling
Anti-Scratch Anti-Reflective & Blue Light Spectrum Filtration
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4. Safety Thick Standard
Increase lens thickness to meet safety protocol standards to 3.0 millimeters for added projectile protection.
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5. Warranty (Recommended)
OutLaw Eyewear Recommend adding a 2 Year Accidental Scratch Remake Warranty & Full Year Supply Lens Cleaning Gel


6. Prescription Photo
Upload your prescription photo or send later via email to sales@outlaweyewear.com. Prescription must have Pupil Distance (PD) written on it.

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