OutLaw American Flag Longboard Skateboard 42"
OutLaw American Flag Longboard Skateboard 42"
OutLaw American Flag Longboard Skateboard 42"
OutLaw American Flag Longboard Skateboard 42"

OutLaw American Flag Longboard Skateboard 42"

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Beercan Boards makes our OutLaw Flag Patriot Edition 42" DTP Oat Soda longboard skateboard. It is custom made for OutLaw's particular customers that demand American made quality and high performance that just can't be made anywhere else.
This is not your ordinary skateboard. It is constructed out of Aluminum from recycled beer cans. The grip tape design is laser cut to our proprietary design. We increased the length from a typical 35" to 42" makes this big brother built for speed, and a wonder to look at. The long, slender body cuts down air resistance, earning its spot as not only Beercan Board's longest board, but also the fastest. Unlike its wooden ancestors, the Oat Soda's board shape and aluminum construct make it easy to maneuver and nearly impossible to destroy!
Riding Styles
  1. Cruising: The deck is great for pushing around parking lots
  2. Freeride: The platform drop on the deck helps hold your feet in position on stand-up slides, and twisty runs.
  3. Downhill: This stiff deck is ready to take on the hills, and the longer deck really boosts the speed
  1. Bear Trucks- We use only the best trucks, for optimum maneuverability, safety, and style.
  2. Abec 9 Bearings- We use only the best bearings in the construction of our boards so that riders are confident in the safety and durability of their board.
  3. Finger Grommets- Our unique finger grommet allow riders to enjoy an easy and comfortable method of transporting their board.
  4. "Bottle Caps"- End caps made from recycled plastic, these nose guards protect you, the board and the planet.
  5. Die Cut Grip Tape- Taking design to an efficient level, we cut custom designs out of our grip tape so that you don't have sacrifice safety for style.
  6. Durable Powder Coat Finish- Because we always want our boards looking good.
This Assembled Set Includes:
  1. Beercan Boards Oat Soda DTP Deck
  2. Bear Trucks
  3. Abec 9 Bearings
  4. Beercan Board Signature Wheels
  5. Die Cut Grip Tape
  6. Recycled Plastic "Bottle Cap" Edges


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