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Trade-up Sunglass Program

Do you have an old sunglass that is not practical to fix?

Do you just want a new pair, but you don't want to pay the full cost of a new one?

This program is for you.

Trade-up your old qualifying sunglass, and get a new OutLaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC sunglass for $50 off, and it will come with a 2 year frame warranty.

Choose from the Black frame with Gray Polarized lenses or with Transition day-night Pathfinder lenses.

The old sunglass can have scratched lenses, but the frame must be in 1 piece. The hinges must all be connected, but we have some flexibility on the condition of the rest.


Qualifying sunglasses to trade-up:


Gatorz Liquid OutLaw Icicles Inferno
Magnum Player Fugitive All Aluminum Models All Aluminum Models
Wraptor Gasket Cooler    
Radiator Titan Tornado    
Boxter Tflex Felon    



  1. Order 1 of these OutLaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC models below. Choose between Polarized Gray lenses or Transition day-night Pathfinder lenses. You pay this heavily discounted price now.
  2. We will ship you a box, shipping label, and document to use to ship your old sunglass to us. 
  3. Once we have received your trade-up sunglass and have verified the condition, we will ship you the new sunglass. ** Its that easy!

**Valid in the US only, unless you want to pay for the International shipping. Contact us for details.