OutLaw Eyewear SF-Crossed Arrows Military Eye Protection with Transition Day/Night, Indoor/Outdoor lenses

Based on the OutLaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC sunglass, but customized for and specified by Army Special Forces. 

Ideal for SF Personnel, Veterans, their families, and supporters.

The Crossed Arrows logo is engraved into the temples. 

Inside Temple Engraving will be "For Pax Americana" 

Every sale generates a donation to the Green Beret Foundation.

  • -Lens Darkness: Transition Day/Night, Indoor/Outdoor. Clear when indoors and at night, 78% when lenses are fully activated in direct sun.
  • -Materials: Lenses are Polycarbonate 2.0mm Shatter-Resistant. Frame is Aluminum Tactical Black.
  • -Wrap: 8 base frame front curvature for complete edge to edge distortion free protection
  • -Ballistic Lens Bevel secure lens mounting system
  • -Color: Tactical Black frame. Clear to Gray transforming lenses.
  • -Ideal for Urban Combat Operations due to Indoor/Outdoor dual capabilities
  • -Wind Protection-High
  • -Size-Fits Medium and Large Men. The entire frame is adjustable for a Precision-Tuned Fit.
  • -Warranty- 2 Years on the Frame
  • -Includes Soft cleaning cloth/bag and Hard Case with Molle Attachment
  • -Lens Coating- Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch, Anti Reflective
  • -Designed to fit comfortably with a helmet and Comm system.
  • -Unique Serial Number for equipment tracking
  • -Achieved ANSI Z87.1-2015 for High Velocity Impact Protection Compliance


Prescription Wrap-Compensated lenses are available through the OutLaw Eyewear Digital Optical Lab. We can make the shatter-resistant lenses right into the frame. No prescription insert is needed. Contact OutLaw Eyewear at or 949-427-1786. 

This sunglass has light adjusting Transition indoor/outdoor, day/night capable lenses. The transformation time from clear to 75% of the maximum darkness is about 7 seconds. The remainder takes approximately 20 seconds longer. The lenses get fully dark in direct sunlight. No matter how dark the lenses are, they always provide UV and impact protection. This increases effectiveness as you don't need to change Eye Pro or have impaired vision when you change operating environments. 

Ships to your APO or US domestic address when production is complete. Be very sure to type your address accurately, and update us if there is a change.

If you need International shipping that is not to an APO, please contact us at

These glasses are being customized and manufactured for your organization's specifications.

This is a negotiated volume price pooled from multiple orders. The retail price of the non-custom version is $179.99. You cannot use a Military Discount Account to purchase this item as it is already discounted.

The sale from each sunglass generates a donation to the Green Beret Foundation.

Currently on Pre-Order. We sold out of the first batch before we could make more. Place your order now, and you will be among the first to get one.

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