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OutLaw Eyewear Partners with the Green Beret Foundation

OutLaw Eyewear Partners with the Green Beret Foundation

Posted by Mark Bronson on 18th Feb 2019

Press Release

Green Beret Foundation Collaborates with OutLaw Eyewear to Create SF-Crossed Arrows Aluminum fabricated Eye Protection

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San Antonio, TX (February 13, 2019) – The Green Beret Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting Green Berets and their families as they re-transition to civilian life, is pleased to announce their collaboration with OutLaw Eyewear. OutLaw Eyewear has manufactured the SF-Crossed Arrows Aluminum fabricated Eye Protection sunglasses, designed in collaboration with the Foundation, specifically to meet the needs of active duty Green Berets, veterans and their supporters. OutLaw Eyewear will donate 10% of all sales directly to the Green Beret Foundation. The concept of this protective eyewear was born after an active duty Green Beret reached out to OutLaw Eyewear to ask about making custom sunglasses that can be used for combat, while also commemorating the Green Beret Crossed Arrows. “We are honored that OutLaw Eyewear custom created eye protection that not only meets the demands of active duty Green Berets, but also that support our Foundation and community at large,” said Frances Arias of the Green Beret Foundation. “This collaboration will help us continue to execute our mission of supporting and providing resources to Green Berets and their families.” Operating in over 100 countries around the globe, Green Berets face unique missions and dangers that often add to the challenges of transitioning to civilian life. Working side-by-side, the Green Beret Foundation and OutLaw Eyewear aim to increase the public’s understanding of our Green Berets, all while enhancing the Foundation’s ability to assist these soldiers and their families. "We are proud to collaborate with the Green Beret Foundation to make the SF-Crossed Arrows Aluminum fabricated Eye Protection available to active duty Green Berets, veterans, and supporters,” said Pat Bronson, Director of Media at OutLaw Eyewear. “We have engraved the Crossed Arrows logo into the arms, and designed the capabilities to meet the needs of Green Berets. Proceeds from each sale are shared with the Green Beret Foundation. Get your order placed before the window closes, and remember, you only have 1 set of eyes.” The order window for the sunglasses is only open until February 25, and those interested can find them here. About the Green Beret Foundation: Founded in 2009, the Green Beret Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the longterm health of the Green Beret community. The Foundation answers the call of the Green Berets and their families so that they can succeed in their next mission. Green Berets serve a little understood mission and face unique challenges when they come home. To aid in the transitions of Green Berets and their families, the Foundation provides casualty support, extended support, family support, and transition support. For more information, visit:

About OutLaw Eyewear: OutLaw Eyewear is one of the few remaining American Eye Protection companies. We started as a motorcycle brand in 2006 with product designs that give complete wind and dust protection that is perfect for motorcycle riding, with or without a helmet. In 2007, we revised our products to become completely constructed out of Aluminum for even better durability and snug wind sealing protection. In the same year, we penetrated the market to new levels when we introduced full-wrap and distortion free prescription lenses with edge to edge vision correction. As the motorcycle market softened, we looked to our founder's family roots of military service, and we repurposed our product line to also meet the needs of the US Military. As such, we are proud to be one of the few choices that the US Military can go to for prescription and non-prescription Eye Protection needs. 

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Visit the Green Beret Foundation Website here for the original Press Release: